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Sod Lawn Portland Oregon – Great Features And Benefits!

Are You Considering Putting In A New Lawn?

Sod Lawn Portland Oregon ExampleMost people never deal with installing a new lawn. They purchased their house with a full lawn of green grass and they have no need to change that. But, if you’re building a home or have had your yard torn up for some reason, you may need to put in a lawn.

You have two choices: seeding grass or installing a sod lawn.

We offer both, however a sod lawn has a number of benefits over both standard seeding and hydroseeding. Consider the following…

Top 10 Short-Term & Long-Term Benefits Of Choosing A Sod Lawn

Sod Lawn Installation Portland Oregon1) There’s No Wait Time

With seeding, you have to wait until the grass grows. It can take two weeks for it to germinate, and then it may take many months before the lawn matures and looks great and can really be used. There’s no wait time with a sod lawn–as soon as the cut sod is laid out in your yard, it’s there, and what a beautiful thing it is!

There’s no ugly dirt or, worse, mud to deal with as you wait for the seeds to sprout. Sod generally looks very nice as soon as it’s laid, and if it does have some less green spots, a few days of water will perk it right up.

It generally doesn’t take very long for us to lay out your lawn. Most yards can be done in a few hours at most and is laid out by true professionals. Sod pieces can also be cut to fit in any space.

2) It Needs Less Water and Requires Less Maintenance

Speaking of water, sod takes less water than seed, especially when establishing the lawn. You don’t have to watch the seeded yard to see if it’s over or under-watered. It also doesn’t require much maintenance.

3) It’s Healthier Grass

Sod is grown by professionals who make certain it’s watered regularly and is grown on good, fertilized soil. There won’t be any weeds or undesirable growth in a freshly laid sod lawn. Because sod is also fairly dense grass, weeds will have a hard time gaining traction, which means your lawn will remain weed-free for years.

4) It Helps Keep Your Soil in Place

If you have a sloping area in your lawn, you may notice that over time, the soil erodes more and more. However, sod helps to stop topsoil erosion and is a great way of immediately preventing drainage issues that may occur due to bare soil. This also means there’s no issue with installing sod on an incline or a hill.

5) It Costs Less

In the long run it does cost less. Upfront, sod does cost a bit more than seed. However, you don’t buy just the seed–you also have to buy fertilizer, reseed parts of the lawn that don’t germinate, and buy harsh chemical products to kill weeds, not to mention your time spent monitoring the whole thing. If you take all of that into account, sod is actually much less expensive.

6) Your Lawn Will be Denser

Beatiful Sod Lawn In The Portland Oregon AreaSod is created from grass that has been planted very close together. This creates a very dense lawn that requires no reseeding and has no bare spots. As mentioned above, this dense lawn also helps prevent weeds from growing up in your grass.

7) Sod Reduces Heat

Studies have shown that bare soil is about fifteen degrees warmer than a lawn. While you’d eventually get this effect from seeding, laying sod gives it to you instantly. It also immediately starts producing oxygen, which reduces greenhouse gases and helps cool the air.

8) You Can Lay Sod Almost Any Time

Seeding generally has to be done in the late summer or early fall to get the best results. Sod, however, can be laid almost all year round as long as the ground itself hasn’t frozen. If your building or home is being completed in the late fall or even during a light winter, installing a sod lawn is no problem.

9) It’s Better for the Environment

It requires less water, stops soil erosion, and doesn’t require the use of harsh weed-killing chemicals.

10) The Benefits of Sod Make It A Clear Winner

If you’re planning a new lawn, it’s obvious that sod is probably the better option. It looks great, doesn’t require any growing time, and can be installed at almost any time. With these many benefits, why not go with sod?

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