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Retaining Walls Portland Oregon, A Unique Landscaping Option

retaining walls portland oregonRetaining walls stand firm as a line of defense between your property and everything else out there beyond your property line. They keep soil from sliding downward and eroding over time, mostly due to water runoff, both natural and that caused by irrigation. Ultimately, it can actually be your home the retaining wall is protecting.

However, retaining walls are not just practical, they can also add a beautiful aesthetic element to your landscaping, as well as additional value to your home.

They solve a variety of landscaping issues and also serve to create some great planting areas. They’re also used to hold back a slope or define a particular area of your yard.

Retaining Walls as a Sloping Yard Solution

A properly retaining wall can tame a slope and protect the rest of your landscaping from sliding debris and excess water drainage.

There are several things we take into account before beginning construction of your retaining wall. We must make sure your wall is sturdy enough to hold back the slope, built solidly to withstand the elements so as to last a very long time, and doesn’t violate any building codes. Sometimes a call to official utility workers is warranted to have them come out and check for buried power cables and sewage lines.

Retaining Wall Aesthetics

retaining wall with benches portland oregonA quality wall can add a great deal of beauty and structure to your overall landscaping plan. A well-placed wall can also help define the space. You may even consider integrating a patio into your wall design, a bench and/or stairs. This creates both functional and architectural interest.

We use a variety of great looking materials like limestone, boulders, concrete sting and keystone blocks to build your wall. These materials add charm and create a unique decorative look.

Retaining Wall BBQ?

If you enjoy outdoor grilling your retaining wall can be put to good use. Consider building one that helps define an outdoor kitchen space. A barbecue grill, outdoor storage, and other accessories are then fit snugly into the wall.

You may also use it to define the patio space your outdoor kitchen rests on. This creative use of a retaining wall creates the illusion of separation and helps to outline an outdoor eating, cooking, and dining area.

retaining wall with stairs portland oregonRetaining walls can also be built to create a two-tiered garden effect. This gives the illusion of a larger yard than you actually have. It can also help in terms of drainage and erosion control.

Some interesting options to consider include integrating a garden pond into the wall design. The wall can be used to outline the perimeter of the pond. It can also be designed to contain shelving nooks, where low-maintenance plants like Tillandsia can live.

There are many types of retaining walls. These include freestanding, concrete, stacking, brick, wood, and flagstone.

It’s important for us to access your individual needs and yard structure before determining what type of retaining wall we’d recommend for your particular installation.

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