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Retaining Walls

Adding retaining walls to your landscape design can be both practical and aesthetically dramatic. Good planning is essential to implementing a retaining wall. Complications may arise due to the placement of utilities, plot lines, soil types and the need for the correct permits. We’re happy to assist you with overcoming these obstacles and giving you the landscape design you’ll love!

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Paver Installation

Pavers are a great solution for many applications as they’re both versatile and cost effective. They’re perfect for walkways, patios, driveways, and more! There are virtually unlimited choices in styles and colors. They’re also durable and maintenance free, as well as four times stronger than poured concrete. And they can withstand freeze-thaw conditions. Perfect for here in the Northwest!

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New Sod Lawns

There’s nothing like the instant gratification of a new sod lawn! There’s no reason to take the long and slow approach of seeding a lawn and pampering it to completion. And in the end it actually costs less. It’s true! Once you factor in all the care and expenses like weed control, extra fertilization and extra seeding in the second season for a seed lawn, you might as well go for the instant (and beautiful) solution!

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Automated Sprinkler Systems

Maintaining a beautiful lawn doesn’t mean you have to spend countless hours on it. With a professionally installed automated sprinkler system (irrigation) your lawn could easily become the envy of all the other homeowners on the block! There are also many practical reasons to install an automated sprinkler system, not the least of which is it conserves water and increases the value of your home!

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